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This deviation was deleted

For the most part, this does show improvement in your work, good job. And yes, I know you know that there are mistakes that you want to fix. If you don't mind, I can point them out.

First off, I remember you complaining about the chin shape. The chin is fine for now, though the cheek and jaw line seems to throw it off. The bangs might be the problem with the cheek's shape, or it may not be. I'm not too sure about it. However, the jawline of a human isn't a perfect curve. It has an angle to the end of it and goes to the ear. In this image, the jawline is a "perfect" curve and does not show this "angle" mentioned. e.g.- [link] This shows the jaw itself is not a perfect curve, but angular to an extent.

I know Niko's ears are replaced with cat ears, but that's not a good reason to not modify his jaw a little. The jaw line only shows the placement of the mandible and cranial "lock" under the skin.

For his closed eye, as mentioned on IRC, needs to be lower. Eyes do not close like that. The eyelid goes downwards not up, so just move his closed eye down to match the bottom line of his other eye.

As for his neck, it shouldn't be so centered on a 3/4 angle. The neck goes to the back/underside of the head. ...because of the location of the Foramen Magnum and other parts inside the mouth/throat organized around the spine. Our Foramen magnum is located directly under the cranium to so we could walk upright. Since the brain case is behind our mouths because that's how we are. So if the neck was placed a little further back(or move his head forward), the placement would look about right. e.g.- [link]
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